Anti-money-laundering and identity verification product

Anti-money-laundering and identity verification product

At IdentityChecker, we use biometrics to accurately and securely verify a person’s identity.

We use biometrics to provide greater security and assurance that users are who they say they are. Biometrics is the measurement and analysis of unique physical characteristics and behaviour, such as a face, voice, the way you walk, and so much more. Biometrics is commonly defined through the idea that you are identified or authenticated through your unique physical characteristics or behaviour. However, not all services use this data to identify or authenticate. By using this data, higher levels of accuracy and security can be achieved.

You send your customer a unique link through text and email, to open on their smartphone or device. They will be taken through a simple three-step process to complete the uploads of documents and the facial scan.

Document scanning user flows

How customers are verified:

How customers are verified

With Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology, data is extracted from photos of identification and verified to confirm authenticity.

OCR technology extracts data from thousands of identification document types from over 200 countries. With optional and configurable manual checks by a dedicated team of super-recognisers, the data can be verified to the highest level of accuracy.

This process is carried out in two steps:

IdentityChecker Product

We also use liveness detection to prevent fraud, through a live facial scan.

Our service enables customers to prove they are a real person by taking a scan of their face. It only takes a few seconds to complete the facial scan, with instructions clearly displayed on the screen of the smartphone or device.

Certified to NIST Level 2, this test provides an instant and automated response that will:

IdentityChecker Product

Finally, we carry out a face-matching test to verify the document possession.

IdentityChecker Product

This is an integral step in the process; to confirm whether the ID submitted belongs to the same individual who undertook the facial scan. This helps to prevent fraudsters from uploading photo identification belonging to another individual.

Similar to the document authenticity checks, our face-matching service uses both computer vision and human super-recognisers for the highest level of assurance.

Two independent face-matching checks are done by:

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