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The future of identification and anti-money laundering checks.

For too long, businesses have been faced with a time-consuming process to verify the identities of their clients. Traditionally, clients would handover original documentation in order to complete the checks. Not only is this cause for concern from the client’s perspective, but the checks can also take weeks to complete. Especially with the impact of the pandemic still being felt, it is more important than ever to find a new and modern solution.

This is where IdentityChecker comes in! Our identification and anti-money laundering check service takes out the unnecessary steps to provide a seamless solution. The system itself can be integrated with your own setup through your own, unique, white-labelled page. The system itself is clear and simple to use by clients, and businesses receive detailed, automated reports of the findings.

The process:

Gone are the days of customers handing over original documents to prove their identities. Now, your customers can verify their identities from the comfort of their own homes. At IdentityChecker, our service involves a simple three-step process for your customers, that can be completed in minutes.

Our solution utilises modern technology to build a bespoke, secure link for every customer. Using this link provides a safe channel for your customers to upload their photo ID and supporting documents, with their data protected to the highest standard of security. Combined with a live face scan, biometrics are used to verify the likeness and prove the authenticity of the documents provided.

The results are sent to you within minutes of completion, with a thorough report of the findings.

Identity Checker
Identity Checker
Identity Checker

Your customer receives a link

They upload their documents

And complete a live face scan

Send them a link via email and text to be opened on their smartphone or tablet.

By capturing an image of their photo ID and uploading supporting documentation.

The face scan is used by the biometric technology to match and verify the documentation provided.

What do our clients have to say?

My firm has been using the biometric ID software since release and it has helped our company massively, especially with the results of the pandemic and remote working. It has saved all the staff a lot of time, and also helped clients reduce risk of lost ID. It is a seamless and straightforward service.
Identity Checker
Connor McGrath
Davies and McGrath Law
This solution is a perfect fit for our online offering and provides quick and simple ID and anti-money laundering checks. It delivers on all levels; it's simple for the end client and provides fast and reliable results. Our client progression team use the service daily and love the uncomplicated delivery of the reports.
Identity Checker
Karen Smith
CALM Network
We have been using the Biometric ID system for our telephone based service as it is an incredibly secure and easy to use service. I would highly recommend the service and product.
Identity Checker
Simon Harrington
1st Step Wills and Trusts

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