IdentityChecker Security

Protecting the data provided is at the core of IdentityChecker.

At IdentityChecker, we take data security extremely seriously. We understand the importance of privacy, to both you and your customers, and are firmly focused on protecting the information we obtain as part of our service.

We are proud to have several security certifications at the highest level of protection, to give our users peace of mind. The technology also undergoes regular penetration testing by leading consultancies to ensure the data remains protected.

Audits and certifications

The service is audited annually by a top four auditing firm to ISAESOC2 security standards. This is an internationally recognised security standard used by large banks and leading technology firms. The report is available upon request under NDA to potential customers. The service has also been recently audited against the HIPAA Security and Privacy Rules (US medical data regulation) and is also certified to ISO 27001.

Security by design

Data is generally stored in UK Tier 3 datacentres. 

Some products also allow local storage for customers in certain countries.

There is an appointed CISO who is ultimately responsible for security. The CISO chairs a monthly Security Forum which includes senior staff from across the business.